Breezy Pulls A Trigga Trey

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Chris Brown’s rapping skills are now becoming viral and now I’m starting to wonder could we seriously, without cracking a smile or chuckle, call this to start of his emcee days. I guess, ever since “Look At Me Now,” he’s been trying to tighten up his rapping skills. He’s not too bad. I wouldn’t run around and start comparing him to any notable people in the game.

I will say though that this route seems similar to Trigga Trey’s. I wonder if he will just keep it to mixtapes or actually branch it out to his official LPs. Below is the music video of “Real Hip Hop Sh*t #2,” Breezy is strolling down the city talking about ladies, money and threads (a subject matter not necessarily new) and it’s not really thought-provoking but the cinematography is pretty interesting.

Give it a go and see what you think about his new possible music direction. Also check out the release of his hip-pop collaboration with the New Boyz “Better With The Lights Off.”

New Boyz ft Chris Brown “Better With The Lights Off”