Brockhampton Announces New Summer 2018 Album, ‘Puppy’

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America’s greatest boyband is back.

There are few harder working acts in the industry than self-proclaimed boyband, Brockhampton. The group of kids, who met on a Kanye West forum and subsequently decided to relocate from Texas to LA, all possess incredible musical talents unique to each other, making for a diversely textured product that never fails to impress. In 2017 alone, the group released three Saturation installments, each emoting differently. Despite previous rumors that Saturation III would be their last, the group of eccentric individuals has just announced their summer 2018 album, Puppy.

Announced by defacto group leader Kevin Abstract via Twitter, the multi-faceted artist said, “Puppy summer 2018 album #4”. Considering that each of their previous projects embody a distinct vibe, it’s safe to say that Puppy will be a refreshing chance from a seldom stale source.

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