Brockhampton Signs Lucrative RCA Deal

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America’s best boyband is getting the bag.

What started as a group of perfect strangers interacting on a Kanye West forum has blossomed into one of the industry’s most intriguing talents, Brockhampton. Self-proclaimed “America’s best boyband,” Brockhampton rose from obscurity to prominence thanks to their voluminous 2017 output of Saturation I-III. A fiercely independent group, Brockhampton turned heads with their announcement last week declaring their signing to RCA. Scarce details were available then; the numbers have come in now.

According to Billboard, Brockhampton’s RCA deal is worth $15-million, covering six albums spanning three-years; each member will be compensated. Unlike most deals signed today, this one won’t cover touring and merchandise, and that’s where Brockhampton earns their real money.

Uniting their God-given creativity with RCA’s checkbooks has the potential to ruin a perfectly successful formula, or help Brockhampton realize their potential. After all, their first official album only dropped this past June.