Bun B: “I know I’m Not Alone In My Grief and Pain”

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      Bun B has finally broke his silence in the death of his partner and friend, Pimp C. In an interview with MTV News, Bun B shared his feelings on what Pimp C meant to him and hip-hop. He also said that when they came together, Pimp was always dreaming of getting nominated for a Grammy. It’s a dream that came true yesterday as the group was nominated for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group for their song, “Int’l Players Anthem.”

       “Me and my VP from Jive [Records] were talking about this, because we been on this label for 15 years. We’ve known these people longer than we’ve known a lot of people in our lives,” Bun B told MTV News. “And he can always remember Pimp telling him, "We going to the Grammys," and them looking at this little kid from Port Arthur like he’s crazy: "He may make some good music and sell a few records, but what they do? That kind of stuff doesn’t go to the Grammys." And 15 years later, a song I told him we shouldn’t do and he was adamant about it — and he got his Grammy nomination just like he always wanted. I’m so happy for him. I’m so proud of him. Because he did it exactly like he wanted to do it: on his terms. We had a nomination before with Jay-Z — and we were very blessed and honored for that. But that was Jay featuring us — this one was us. Not taking anything away from Outkast, because that definitely comes into play. But at the same time, us putting Outkast on the record was his vision — seeing things a little further — and God putting together a plan for us. [He pauses.] I’m really happy for him. I know he just popped a bottle! Because in all honestly, this is what he wanted [to win a Grammy]. He’s gonna put a Grammy on his mama’s shelf. He’s gonna put a Grammy on his mama’s shelf, man. [He pauses again.]”
Bun B also said that he’s been grateful for the support from fans worldwide.

      “I know I’m not alone in my grief and my pain. And it’s not just his family and closest friends — there was a lot of people who loved him, there was a lot of people that were hurt before, when he went to prison, and they carried us so far and held us up for so long. They brought us to where we are right now. I know they’re hurting right now. I feel their pain, I hear their prayers, I hear them on the radio. And I thank them and I love them, and I just want them to know Pimp loved them too.”
 You can read the entire interview at MTV.com.


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