Bun B Talks Lil Wayne and The Syrup

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Via  Complex Magazine 
C: Now there’s a lot of talk of Wayne having an addiction. He’s even addressed it. Have you reached out to him about it at all?

Bun B: No, because Wayne isn’t the only person I know that maybe has addiction issues, and if I call Wayne, then I have to call everybody. I love Wayne, I respect his talent, I’ve watched him grow up, but I don’t think it’s really my place to go to him and say, hey I don’t think you need to do this. I’ll send a general message to anybody who’s maybe living a little bit unhealthy. Whether you’re having sex without condoms, you might want to think about that, if you’re smoking too much cigarettes or drinking too much alcohol, or you’re eating too much cholesterol and fatty acids, or that high-fructose corn syrup, you might want to watch that shit. All that shit is unhealthy, and at the end of the day, everybody kind of knows what they’re doing and how they’re living, but just because Ike Turner died from a cocaine overdose, I’m pretty sure all the people he snorted cocaine with didn’t stop. Everybody does what they’re going to do. I hate to say it’s just a phase, but it’s just a moment in time that people have to learn to get over themselves.

C: Why is Houston’s connect to syrup so strong?

Bun B: I don’t know. People like to blame it on the screwed music but you can’t blame drug use on music. That’s like saying that everyone who did acid was a hippie, and that’s not true. We do have a stronger connection with the lifestyle as far as syrup is concerned. But if you go into the inner cities of Philadelphia, Memphis, and L.A., Miami, and even Atlanta, you’ll see there’s a growing syrup habit in those cities. Most of those people don’t even rap about that in Atlanta, Georgia, but there’s a lot of people sipping. Nobody raps about the syrup in Florida, but there are a lot of people who sip syrup in Florida. Philadelphia for years has been on cough syrup and Beanie and them just really started talking about sipping syrup. Everyone doesn’t put their lifestyle on blast like that, but if you go into those communities it’s there for you to see.

C: What do you think the appeal is to it?

Bun B: It’s a drug, it allows you to not worry about your problems, it allows you to throw your responsibilities out the window, and it allows you to not have to care about anything. That’s with any drug, whether it’s cocaine, pills, heroin, syrup, marijuana-whatever you’re doing. It just gives you a way to turn your back on your responsibilities and not worry about what it is you have to do, but once it wears off and the clouds move away, the problems are still there and you’re still dealing with shit. It has the same appeal that any drug has-to forget reality.

C: What do you think can be done to stop it?

Bun B: I don’t know, there have been drugs out here that are a lot worse. You look at heroin and crank addicts and they can’t get rid of that. Syrup-I hesitate to say it-but if someone is sipping syrup in a public area, unless you knew exactly what they were doing, you would have no fucking idea. Now if someone fired up some crank in a public area, it would be instantly obvious, it would be highly offensive to people. It invades people’s personal space. It’s like a cigarette, that’s why people hate cigarettes so much, because the smoke invades your private space. Whereas syrup doesn’t even carry a scent, like a Hennessy or a beer or a wine. It’s different; I think a lot of people do it because it slips under the social radar.

C: Do you plan on doing anything to stop it personally?

Bun B: I stopped sipping syrup seven or eight months ago, because of the thing Wayne was saying about the stomach shit. But my thing is, my stomach was hurting anyway when I was sipping, so I was like my shit is fucked up anyway, so I might as well deal with it. It just got old for me. It got to the point where sipping a deuce or sipping a four don’t do it for you, so you’re literally going to have to start sipping eights and pints on a consistent basis and I wasn’t ready to give myself over to that shit like that. That’s just me. Now when it comes to weed, I’m ready to smoke more and more, even better, stronger, and more highly concentrated levels of THC weed. That’s what I want, so I have my own vices and flaws that somebody has to reach out and say, “Yo Bun, maybe you don’t need to smoke so much weed.” So I can’t point the finger at Wayne, because I have people that can point the finger at me.



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