Bushwick Bill calls on Christ

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno


      For years Bushwick Bill, the 3’8” emcee from legendary group Geto Boys, was known as the craziest rapper out of Houston. You’ve heard the stories of him shooting out his eye in his attempt to commit suicide (he told the story in the song “Ever So Clear”) and him legally changing his name to "Dr. Wolfgang Von Bushwickin the Barbarian Mother-Funky Stay High Dollar Billstir". Now Bushwick has done what probably most fans would think would be last thing he’d do: recommit his life to Jesus Christ.

      Although Bushwick was raised a Christian and was ordained a minister before the age of 18, his move to Houston in the 80’s and his subsequent success in hip-hop changed his perspective on the world. Now Bushwick says it’s time to come with music that will be more inspiring.

      "I love my fans and listeners everywhere, without them I could have never been successful,” Bill said on his MySpace page.  “However, it is time for me to give them what they deserve, that is, hope, encouragement, strength, direction, love, peace, and everything that will guide them into a successful and prosperous life here on earth. When I used to spit lyrics in the world, I would put my all into it and convince people it was the truth. So you can rest assure I will not waste one single verse on any non-sense, and my delivery will be felt deep into people’s spirit and soul."

      Bushwick’s new album, Testimony of Redemption Songs, is set to drop in 2007. Three songs, “Testimony of Redemption”, “Going to the River” and “Praise of a Good Woman”, from the forthcoming album are featured on his MySpace page.