Busta Blames DUI Bust On Hennessy

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By: Rizoh

      As you may have heard by now, Busta added another bust to his rap sheet yesterday and was later released on a $7500 bail. According to TMZ, he told officers that it was “a shot of Hennessy” that landed him the DUI arrest early Thursday morning in New York.

      Busta was initially pulled over for having his windows too tinted. After cops smelled alcohol on his breath and noticed his “watery and bloodshot eyes,” according to the arrest report, he was given the dreaded field sobriety test.

      Predictably, he failed the test. But he also blew a 0.067, below the legal threshold of 0.08. and was consequently slapped with one count of operating a motor vehicle while under intoxication, and one count of operating a motor vehicle while impaired.

      He’s due back in court for his arraignment next Tuesday. Busta will also face trial on two assault charges after a judge withdrew a plea offer Monday that would have let the MC remain free. Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Tanya Kennedy withdrew the offer that included probation, community service and a series of lectures to troubled youth.