Busta Feels No Guilt for Bodyguard’s Shooting

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By: Rizoh
      Busta Rhymes has added fuel to the fire that engulfed the one year death anniversary of his bodyguard, Israel Ramirez. Last week, we told you about Ramirez’s outcry on Busta’s failure to cooperate with iinvestigators on the murder mystery. Well, Rhymes now says he feels no guilt over the shooting of his bodyguard. 
"It doesn’t hurt me (what the family say) because I don’t live with guilt,” Busta told MTV News recently. I didn’t do nothing. I didn’t contribute to that negative (in any) shape or form.”
      He added, "What I did, I offered my man an opportunity to make money to provide food on the table for his family. We were in a work environment which was supposed to be a controlled environment, a place where we were supposed to be productive. We had children on the set. The environment was a completely positive environment."
      "As far as certain family members feeling a certain way about me, I can never hold that against them because everybody gotta deal with tragedy in their own way. Especially when it’s direct personal tragedy. All I can do is try to be the greatest support system I could be despite how they want to use me as a punching bag. I’m cool with that."
      In February 2006, Ramirez was gunned down on the set of Busta’s “Touch It” music video.


  1. yo he knos wat happend. tony yayos boy shot that dude cuz he was talkin shit and busta dont want no problems wit g unit cuz he will be out of a job or will end up in a casket

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