Busta Rhymes Kicked out of Flipmode Squad

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By: Rizoh

      The Flipmode Squad as we know it may exist no more. Rampage went on a, well, rampage about the broken relationship in the crew. According to hhnlive.com, the Flipmode Squad’s revamped lineup doesn’t include Busta Rhymes.


      “Rah Digga, Baby Sham, Spliff Starr, and myself,” said Rampage of the lineup. “We just changed the name of the group and it’s now called FMS”


      So, what about Busta Rhymes? Is he part of the FMS squad?


      “Nah, we just decided to do our own thing…It’s not under Flipmode anymore. It’s under FMS, said Rampage. He added that FMS stands for Famous Millionaire Squad.


  1. Busta is my favorite rapper…but tell me this how can you kick somebody out who formed the group. Busta wz hollerin flipmode back in the day of leaders of the new school…so thatz just plain ignort..Bus outta flipmode…yhe right…stay Blessed…DOT

  2. This is absurd. If it wasn’t for Busta the rest of them woulda made no cheese! They sure wouldn’t get a deal going for delf without Busta. At some point people gotta stand on they on two..cant nobody keep carrying peoples. I wish them all the best..they sure gonna need it cos combined they can’t come close to Busta in terms of skills or creativity. Digga the best they got. She better going for delf.

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