Busta Rhymes Says “Hell Naw” to Plea Deal

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By: Rizoh

      Despite facing two assault charges from last year and a DUI from last week  Click here to view, Busta Rhymes rejected Manhattan D.A.’s offer of one year in jail for the assault charges, a drinking-and-driving program and $1,500 in fines.

      Meanwhile, there’s no shortage of run-ins with the law for Busta Bus. He’s been arrested four times in the last 10 months, most recently on May 3 when he was pulled over and cuffed for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Last year, he was involved in two alleged altercations, one involving a man Rhymes says spat on his car.

      Busta Rhymes is due back in court again on July 10 to face the judge on those same charges.



  1. I think after what happened with the aftermath of his bodyguards slaying Busta can spit on any sidewalk in NY and he would still get locked the fuck up! Although, I really don’t feel sorry for him at all I do feel the so called Law needs to do a better investigation of what happened at that video shoot and stop using Busta as a scape goat in their incompetence of finding a suspect.

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