Busta Settles Suit Out of Court

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Remember Busta beat up on some guy for asking him for his autograph?  Well Busta never got the papers homeboy filed as they were sent to the home of his former girl, yeah the one who is now a lesbian. Anyhow cut a long story short as we all know homegirl wasnt going to give Bus the papers when she blames him for so much, Busta has now settled out of court for an undisclosed amount. Well with all these other charges hanging over his head right now..he has to start his own clean up I guess.

Paris Turns To God
       This pic had me cracking up man. I swear not knocking anyone who turns to God for help in their hour of need at all…but from Dolce and Dior shopping bags to The Bible..homegirl is really taking it a lil too far. If it was anyone BUT Paris I would have just kept it moving but this was just too good a pic to not comment on.


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