Cam’ron Kicked Out of Dipset?

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By: Rizoh

       The rumors are true. Cam’ron has been banished from the Dipset crew, according to the Dips capo Jim Jones. Miss Info (of Hot 97) detailed a recent conversation with Jones, in which he admitted that the inner wrangling within the Diplomats crew had been brewing for some time now.

      Jones told Miss Info that he “kept quiet” on the issue out of loyalty even though he hadn’t spoken to Cam in a year.

       “I felt like if we can’t be friends, then at least we can do business together. Me and Cam’ron havent spoken to each other in a year… I kept quiet out of loyalty, I felt like if we cant be friends then at least we can do business together….But now I can’t be next to you….I’m through wit being in hot water because of you….We still the Diplomats. We worked too hard to achieve our own success and now we’re gonna do something new….”

      Although he did not disclose any specific details for his dissension, Jim will speak in depth on the issue today when he’s scheduled to visit Funkmaster Flex’s radio show.
      No other Dipset member has spoken out publicly about their relationship with Cam, but various sources indicate that Juelz Santana and a few others don’t seem to share Jones’ sentiment and are even surprised by his statements.

      Well, insiders have been speculating about this discord ever since Cam’ron ran away from the Rucker Park and allowed Jimmy to catch the beating of a lifetime.


  1. Damn That’s How it’s cam and jim not fuckin wit each other no mo know hommo but Damn they need get real cuz d’s bitch ass tryin take over man wats up.. IT’S YA BOY JUICE G.D.N all day thats wat it is and juelz keep doin that I CAN’T FEEL MY FACE wit my nigga wayne YOUNG MONEY…IT’S ME JUICE

  2. it makes a lot of since,cause you stopped seeing them in interviews together and everything else,cam ron stepped back for a min,but never thought that they was beefing with each other,but when money comes to play,awwwwwwww shit,drama

  3. jimmy got some right to be mad ,but cam fed them niggas and got them to the point where niggas can even say they “baaliin”.they need to find some where secluded ,scrap it out ,slap five,and keep the movement going…

  4. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. the dipshits in turmoil, might as well kick cam ass too since he left you fa dead at the rucker. what happen to all the tuff talk hahahaha I knew yall was out ya realm messin wit jigga. bad publicity stunt now look at you. dames sugar vein battery pack boys. they come in all flavors hahahahaha no homo hahaha

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