Carmen, Nas’ ex, drops tell-all book

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      We first heard about “Carmen” during the 2001 battle between Jay-Z and Nas. The mother of Nas daughter, Carmen Bryan was thrust into the middle of the war of words between the rappers after Jay-Z admitted to  hooking up with her while she was still with Nas.
      Of course this had the industry going nuts, but Bryan always refused to talk to the media about the battle and her relationship with the two rappers – until now. She was saving it all for her book, It’s No Secret. The book will reveal the stuff that went down behind the scenes plus her time working at Def Jam and Capitol Records and her experiences with different celebrities on a day-to-day basis. In the book, Bryan name checks everyone from Diddy and Allen Iverson to Beyonce and Kelis along with Nas and Jay-Z.
      The book will hit stores on November 28 through Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books.


  1. She’s Tight Nas Left her for Kelis..Now’s She’s broke wit her hand out…Game has a song for her it’s called Wouldn’t get far ft. kanye…Somebody play it for her

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