Carmen Update

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By: Hot Gossip Gal
On Wendy’s show yesterday, tell all Baby Momma Carmen, told the afternoon gossiper that she was given an STD by either Nas or Jay, but she said Nas had adamantly declared himself STD free. Now my point is this, does this chick think with all the gossip circling about the book, sales are going to be amazing? Damn I feel like I have read the book four times already the amount I know about this chick and her love for ‘loving’ celebrities.


  1. oh and these hoes need to get a life….some shit you should keep to your self ! Some mutha fuckas just dont got no self respect…who gives a fuck about the dicks this bitch sucked and how many times shit got wit a dirty dick bitch/ you a skank!

  2. For ladies legs are the most difficult thing to keep closed, and this bitch’s legs have/are and will always be opened. So what can keep her pie-hole closed then??? Ho ho ho!!!!!!!!

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