Cars Of The 2010 BULLRUN

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The Bullrun Rally 2010 started on Pier 54 in New York City on Saturday. I headed down there to see what was up and more importantly though was the vast variety of cars that filled up the parking lot. I am a muscle guy myself (current project is a 68 Mercury Montego) but this year there was everything from super exotics to muscle cars filling the lot. This years rally is taking the Bullrunners from New York City to Las Vegas, NV where drivers will cover 3500 miles. They’ll be trying to dodge the police, breakdowns and all manner of rush hour traffic in the quest for the Navigators Trophy. Thought I would share some of the cars that were there, the one Im most curious about is that Camaro/Firebird…must be a custom designed Camaro but if Gm ever wanted to release that car in Firebird format that would be a good look.


  1. The green Mustang is a 1968 coupe….. There were only 2 years of that body. 1967 and 1968. The 67 had twin scoops behind the doors and a more pronounced pony and corral in the grill. The 68 had a single chrome strip (faux scoop) behind the doors instead of the 2 scoops and a flatter pony and corral.


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