Cassie and Diddy Caught In The Act!

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     Awwwww sh$#…  Diddy  and Cassie looking very cozy in Central Park this past weekend.    Where’s Kim? 



  1. ok now im not going to lie im straight hating diddy. the reaon why is because i like cassie. damn son i understand now. i thought ryan leslie was talking to her. but i dont know whats going on and i wish this nigga diddy explain. awww kim is going to whoop your ass nigga lmao.

  2. We all know that anybody working for Diddy is gonna have to give it up, she’s stupid. What’s she gonna do pop out three more for him and get pushed to the side like Kim. She do that and she’s a money hungry hoe……all she want is the child support check!!

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