Cat fight Number two

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By:Hot Gossip Gal

Apparently Britney Spears new girl pal, Paris Hilton took some time out from painting the town red with  the recently single Brit Brit to beat down none other than Lindsey Lohan. LL actually spilled the beans on the Paris beat down to numerous videographers who were shown the bruise that the Hotel heiress left on the somewhat upset Lohan. You are right Lyndsey it is not all right..this is not the behavior of Hollywood starlets. Naughty naughty Paris. But  these two have thrown comments back and forward anyway since Lyndsay was spotted with Paris’s ex of only three hours, Greek boy Stavros Niarchos, bumping and grinding in a LA club. LL is more commonly known within the Hilton circle as Fire Crotch and well what LL called Paris, I can’t type. but begins in C and ends in T but I doubt that will become as common as Fire Crotch, however the effect is more effective.