Chamillionare: The Mixtape Messiah?

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Chamillionare has been gaining his relevance back recently after dropping a new mixtape – Mixtape Messiah 4. The tape is hot and is available for download below. Meanwhile, Chamillionare told HipHopDX in an interview that he respects 50 Cent and Lil’ Wayne as essential artists in the mixtape movement.


In the interview, he spoke on 50 Cent’s golden times: “Back in the day, when 50 first came out, he had some real dope mixtapes. Now, it’s more the commercial thing where people say you’re singing a hook or whatever. Back then, he was just jackin’ peoples’ beats and puttin’ them real catchy melodies on a tight beat, and just puttin’ out tight stuff.

He also feels that Wayne’s hard work is unmatched in the current climate: “He out-working everybody on the mixtape circuit. When I talk to the underground stores out here in the mixtape world, they tell me that Wayne‘s runnin’ it. He’s the most active.”

There’s no denying Wheezy and 50’s contributions to rap, and the mixtape game more specifically. Check out Cham’s new mixtape and let us know if you think he deserves to be mentioned with the elite.

Chamillionare – Mixtape Messiah 4


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