Chelsea Handler On Her Relationship With 50 Cent

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Chelsea went to twitter to claim that her relationship with “Mr. Cent” is strictly business.  Remember that a pic of the two on a date surfaced earlier this week.  Also when 50 is asked if the two are dating, he just kind of smirks.



  1. Just couldnt help yourself to this bullshit right Sam? Im done with you dawg theres no hope for you anymore. It's incredible how most of the shit you blog about aint got shit to do with Hip-hop and contributes nothing except gossip and nonsense. Its niggaz like you killing the game with this kind of shit. Also I'm a big fan of west coast hip hop and hopefully that garbage you promotin aint what the new west coast sound is suppose to be cuz that shit is trash and your trash as a so called hip hop blogger.

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