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At times of crisis when your family and your Pastor aren’t really appeasing the stress and strain of your highly publicized life, what do you do if you are Chris Brown? You hire a crisis manager, a very famous one at that, one with a proven track record such as Hollywood publicist Alex Nierob, who salvaged the career of Lethal Weapon front man Mel Gibson after he got a bit mouthy about Jews.
Various PR companies had allegedly turned down Chris Brown as a client but it appears that he is in capable hands now. Although anyone dealing with Breezy as a client right now undoubtedly has their workload increased when so many people have him on their hate list. Be interesting to see what happens next though in this strange tale of events. And I guess while we are on the subject of it, sources for Rihanna have come out and said the statement issued by Chris on Sunday just won’t do it and they are shocked and appalled at how the boy failed to accept responsibility for his actions.


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