Christmas Shopping?

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Check out one of Amazon’s hot sellers known as "The Black Man Bottle Opener". First the Jay-Z doll and now this. I guess the idea is that you use his buck-teeth to pop the top. Are these people out of their minds?


  1. This is sick! And who in the hell is buying this shit? This is total disrespect to the black community. The company that makes this bull needs to be shut the fuck down.Why is this being sold.

  2. This has nothing to do with getting your paper on.I am all for that!They could have come up with a better model.
    You sound like the nigga that sold us to slavery!

  3. To bad im fucking Italian. I never sold any slaves nor did my family but its all about the money, now shut the fuck up. Its a funny model and meant to poke fun at not to embrace racism, get your head out the gutter. P.S you sound like a nigga who got sold

  4. Oh I get it your not a person of the black community. So I guess it’s not racism to you. Maybe if it was a fat ass pasta eating mother fucker you would get it. If your dumb ass didn’t know all blacks were sold to slavery.Jack ass. Maybe you should make comments about shit you think you know about like (drug dealing)hustling.Bitch

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