Ciara on 50 Cent: “We’re Just Good Friends”

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      The rumor has been floating on the internet for most of the year, but Ciara or 50 Cent still haven’t given fans an answer. While in Atlanta on the Scream Tour with T.I., Young Joc and other folks, Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter, David Graves approached Ciara and asker her straight-up:

Graves: Are you dating 50 Cent, yes or no?


Ciara: [with the biggest, probably most adorable smile to come out of Riverdale High] We’re good friends.


Graves: C’mon, Ciara, that was a yes or no question. We’re trying to break some news here.


Ciara: [after a hearty laugh] We’re just good friends.


Graves: OK, so who would you like to date past or present if not 50 Cent?


Ciara: Oh! Tupac … he was soooo fine!


      Of course fans will still link the two together since 50 Cent is considered the “new” Tupac and really didn’t gove a yes or no answer. Ciara’s stint on the Scream Tour ends on Sunday in Los Angeles.


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