Clint Eastwood to Spike Lee, “A Guy Like Him Should Shut his Face”

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Well it was bound to eventually happen…Spike Lee has cooked up some GRADE USDA BEEF with a motherfucker not to be fucked with–CLINT EASTWOOD, a/k/a Dirty "Go Ahead Make my Day" Harry.

For one, Clint Eastwood is absolutely bulletproof in Hollywood. The guy has more Oscars than anybody I can think of–you just can’t can’t get much bigger than him .

Two, historically Spike Lee has exchanged words with the type of white guys that well…would more or less be intimidated by a Black man making race related observations or criticisms. But Clint Eastwood…he just dont give a fuck.

So this will be an interesting one folks and I dont expect it to end quickly.  I don’t think there is any question who would win if in a fair one.

I have to say though…its this type of shit that will probably keep Lee from ever winning an Oscar.

Enough with my opinions though…check it out for yourself.




  1. Spike Lee should have an Oscar. I think if he doesn’t then I will have to take a note out of the kanye west book and say that the Oscars loose credibility.

  2. lets hear clint out first folks clint aint go all michael richerson on spike i mean clint can put who or what in his flicks he paid for that so spike let old dirty harry make his version and u make ur joint ill pay to go c both

  3. i second that last comment. he got oscars so what? spike lee ain’t s’pose to say shit ’cause we don’t wanna piss massa off? fuck that. and they could keep those bitch ass oscars, spike’s films are cultural classics, we don’t need white people to justify shit so we feel successful.

  4. I agree that Spike should have an Oscar for his old films. But to say Clint is the devil is garbage. He is one of the best film makers of our time and has many movies starring black actors.
    “Unforgiven”, And the Oscars is not the measure of a films success. Thousands of great movies and directors will never win an Oscar. Its a group who has its own taste just like we have our own tastes.

  5. fuck an oscar. the white man has created so many didn’t avenues for people to seek validation within their community. to what avail does an oscar or any other of these so called academic achievements via the entertainment world help any human being become a better Human Being. all a bunch of trivial bullshit to keep people striving for acceptance by people who couldn’t care less about them when not seen face to face. elevate yourselves people…like the commercial says “live above the influence” lol


  6. why is spike running his mouth. It’s clear that eastwood was defending himself when lee made his comment. it’s historically evident that there were none of us there when the flag was raised at iwo jima. why is spike bugging? I like his movies but sometimes that mutha fucka don’t know what the hell he is talking about. on another note, oscars are trophy’s and trophys are only for people keeping score or that give a fuck about their precious ego’s. trophys don’t mean shit in the real world so who cares? it’s merely professional recognition. the world has too much of that bullshit anyway. And finally, I am amazed on a daily basis at how many stupid muthafuckas there are that visit this site! people make some really stupid comments on here. Summa u cats should try picking up a book sometime.

  7. 702…Unfortunately Black People have fought in every war this country has ever had, from the revolutionary war to iraq(and for what?) It is one more clear case of the denial of accurate Black Hisory by whites……AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!!

  8. Why Halle have to let a white man pop her to get an Oscar
    Why Denzel have to be crooked before he took it
    ….find these answers while u lookin

  9. 1st of all All Spike Did Was State Facts Lol. He never made a personal attack on Clint Eastwood. However Clint Eastwood clearly made an attack on him by saying “he should shut his face”. African Americans have played a significant role in WW2. All spike said was he never saw 1 black face in either of clint’s 2 WW2 movies. I dont feel spike is wrong for that at all. He didn’t make any other damaging statements, he simply pointed out the historical inaccuracy of an all white army. Don’t Get Caught up by the trickery. This story is written as if spike took the 1st shot at clint. The exact word used was “Slammed”. Spike never “Slammed” Clint eastwood. That is language written to sway your opinion & believe that The angry Black Man Took a shot a the famous white accomplished legend. Oh yeah, So what if Spike never wins an oscar, having the balls to question & challenge America’s constant misrepresentation of accurate history is far more important.

  10. reading comprehension is a must here! He is not talking about all the wars, the question was raised about the Flag at Iwo Jima. THERE WAS NOT ONE OF US THERE AT THE RAISING OF THE FLAG! Everyone knows that us blacks have been in every war. You can’t build an empire unless you have poor people with strong backs to build it on. That is not the question. Spike was wrong because it is a historical fact that there were no black folks at the flag raising at Iwo Jima. Story settled.

  11. 702.. Spike is not arguing about who raised the flag. Spike is arguing that Blacks FOUGHT in Iwo Jima and that fact was not shown in any of his 2 movies. IF BLACK MEN WERE NOT THERE FIGHTING, THEY WOULDN’T BE RAISING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

  12. lets hear clint out first folks clint aint go all michael richerson on spike i mean clint can put who or what in his flicks he paid for that so spike let old dirty harry make his version and u make ur joint ill pay to go c both

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