Clipse Gets Down With Sony/Columbia, Leaves Jive

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      Fans of The Clipse know how disappointed Pusha T and Malice have been in the treatment of their music by Jive Records, but there finally might be some vindication. Sony/Columbia Records have announced that they have signed The Clipse to a multi-million dollar 5-year deal.

      "I been a fan of the Clipse since I first heard them," said former Roc-A-Fella exec and now Columbia A&R rep Joshua ‘Hip-Hop’ Kyambo. "And I ain’t a fan of too many things. Every song they come with it, lyrically. They were on a real short list when I got to Sony; I was going all the way to make this happen. We trying to be more of an artist-friendly company, and focus on artists we really love. I liked them three years ago, I liked them yesterday, and I feel like they can be a group with a future."

      Sony/Columbia Records is now being headed by Rick Rubin, one of the original founders of Def Jam Records. The deal with Clipse not only includes the group’s upcoming albums, but also projects from the Re-Up Gang which includes Ab-Liva, Sandman, Malice and Pusha T. That album will drop in March.

      "The Clipse represent everything that we’ve all known Rick Rubin to represent: hip-hop in its purest form,” Pusha said. “To know that the head guy is a creative guy as well, that makes me feel good. I come from being surrounded by creativity. And I felt like in going forward, I wanted to be able to put out as much music as I wanted to. That was my goal. That’s been the one thing that’s hindered the Clipse. And Sony’s allowing us to do that."