Collette’s Revolution

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Another Revolution! We went from Les Nubians Nü Revolution to Yours! I’m speaking about Collette. She’s a sultry very talented singer/songwriter. Lots of blues, southern soul and a lot of other influences going on.  She sings about love, relationships, spirituality, material, the journey and everything else in life.  I first met Collette while introducing her to the stage at Frank’s Lounge in Fort Greene.  That was her first real show after re-locating to NY from Columbia, SC.  She’s hilarious- had the audience in stitches and she loves to make folks laugh!   She’s tall, beautiful and sophisticated yet has the b-girl at heart as she’s super young.   Let’s just say I was very impressed along with everyone else in the audience and there were key tastemakers and bloggers/photogs in the house that night….Well- it didn’t take long before catching the ears of Talib Kweli, Premier and others.   In fact- there are a few hefty urban afficionados  who feel that Collette could really break out- One to Watch!!!  With that said….Her debut ‘Experience Collette’ created a buzz- laid the groundwork and foundation for the elevated and progressive next project which I hear is more Hip Hop/beat oriented still soulful but younger demo!!!

It’s called ‘Revolution’– but here’s the catch– it needs the finishing touches- mixing/mastering and Collette is looking to raise a $4,000 goal in 30 days and of course if she surpasses that – the project can afford a publicist and all the promo necessary… So through Kickstarter she’s launched the campaign…Let’s support the cause why don’t you….If she doesn’t meet the $4,000 she’ll lose any of the money raised!

Depending on how much you donate- you can get executive producer credit, or an original song written just for you or Collette will come perform at your home- up front intimate & personal!  On making ‘Revolution’ Collette says “It’s a movement for personal freedom and love”.   Follow her on Twitter she’s throwing out her comic routines there!