Combat Jack Exclusive: TMZ Has It Half Right; Lil Wayne’s Rikers Island Diary Day 3

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I just got the call from my inside source. There’s a lotta speculation on  Dwayne Carter and how his time at Rikers Island is coming along. TMZ is tryna play like  they have the exclusive with how they dropped the story earlier about how he was “instructed not to sign any autographs” at Rikers. TMZ is fronting. What I’m giving you here is 100% certified. They got it half right in that Wayne is not allowed to sign any autographs requested by any of the officers or any other personnel that is under employ at Rikers. Like I told you earlier this week, the officers have been going gaga over their high profile guest. Since my last report, the level of Wayne fandom has reached dizzying peaks amongst  the prison’s employees, more and more of them acting extra familiar with Wayne. The norm is that any employee not having any special reason to interact with a particular inmate usually stays away from said inmate. In Wayne’s case, prison guards can’t stop from going ham. In addition, as I’ve been informed, inmates are to be referred solely by their government names. Celebrity names are not to be recognized. In this instance, there’s been an outbreak of guards referring to Dwayne as ‘Lil Wayne”, ‘Weezy’, ‘Young Money” and whatever other moniker the jailed rapper goes by. Such high incidents of unapproved familiarity have incurred the wrath of management which has instructed personnel as well as Wayne from partaking in any parts of the autograph process. Where TMZ got it wrong is that Wayne is free to interact with any inmate in an acceptable way. Amongst inmates, there is no barring in the sharing of autographs. If any of you reading this know any of them TMZ cats, tell them I set it straight.

In addition to the above, Wayne’s attorney has requested a change in the manner in which he is to receive guests. Initially, Wayne’s visitation arrangement was similar to the rest of the prison population, however because of his staure and the press he’s garnering, they decided to make visitation rights private, similar to how inmates are visited by their attorneys. Wayne also has a limited and specific list as to who is allowed to visit. So far the names of two visitors that paid Weezy a visit this week ended in Williams. As in Ronald “Slim” and Bryan “Baby” Williams. During their visit, they brought Wayne a lot of gifts, some which were not acceptable by the prison’s standards. For instance, a spiral note book and a doo rag were confiscated as not being prison standard. The Williams brothers were then given a list of items that fall within guidelines as to their next visit with Wayne. Looks like Weezy is about to start writing his rhymes down.

During these past couple of days, Wayne’s disposition is that he’s become fully aware of his situation and he remains to keep to himself, which means for the most part, he’s stayed inside or very close to his cell. The one funny thing guards are anxious to see is what Wayne purchases from his commissary. Inmates have a $500 limit on what goods they can purchase at a time. The items are limited, similar to items one would find at any neighborhood bodega. Except most items come in soft plastic bags or cardboard boxes, nothing that can be subsequently be used as a weapon. Inmates are know to be creative with what they purchase, recipes and how they prepare their meals. Wayne is most definitely a creative cat, so the wait is on to see what kind of “alien” shit he’ll be concocting.

Once again, this is all real, real live and of course, real time.Please believe that what I’m giving you is 100% percent fact. Stay tuned for further episodes of Lil Wayne’s Rikers Island Diary.