Combat Jack: What DMX Really Needs

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There too much jail talk going on these days about my culture.

1998 was a great year for Earl Simmons. Hard to believe that back then he was Def Jam’s biggest artist, bigger even than Jay-Z.  It’s since been a rocky road for DMX. Earlier this week he was once again arrested in Arizona for violating the terms of his parole, specifically for being in possession of crack cocaine. Seemingly for his own personal use. There’s even a video of him spazzing out in court. Like most, I also bugged out at how crackish he looks, even though it’s eff’d up how the camera man singled him out, or how they decided to zoom in on X’s finger nails. Looks like this disgraced rapper is looking forward to doing some more jail time.

Which is a shame. You and I know that DMX doesn’t need any more jail time. What he does need is help. Medical help, for all of his addictions. He also needs help because of his mental state. I’m no doctor, but it’s obvious to me that X is crying out for all types of help. Unfortunately, his handlers will most likely try to get whatever sentence lobbied against him reduced, but no one is bringing to the fore the fact that Mr. Simmons is not well. Mental illness affects every race, but in the Black community, it seems like admitting one has issues is taboo. And to the outside world, it’s as if mental illness for minorities doesn’t exist at all. Like we don’t know how some of us “blessed” with a lighter shade of skin get a license to self medicate on Prozac like it’s all good. All day, every day.

I used to live across the street from Foxy Brown. On a good day, she was an incredibly sweet person. On a bad day, she was a different person. Still, it was clear as day to me that that girl has some mental type of illness going on. Maybe she’s bi-polar, I dunno, but what she needed most was help. There was no way in the world that girl needed jail time. But that’s what we gave her.  The concept of incarceration is that jail time is supposed to rehabilitate the subject. We know that’s bullshit. Yet it seems like as nation, America is hell bent on cementing a brand new racial underclass. That plan is working.

I thought we were supposed to be a compassionate people, a people that would and should take care of our sick. Looks to me though, that when brown people get some kind of sick, alls we do is throw ’em behind bars. I guess the writing is on the wall, some people don’t have the right to get some kind of sick.

And that in itself, is crazy.


  1. His ''friends” need to get him some help if they really care about him. The fact he snitched on himself should show that he WANTS help. How many more times does he need to go to jail until something really terrible happens to him? There is def something not right with X and he needs serious medical or psychiatric help.

  2. His handlers actually are trying to get him help, immediately after he got arrested they reached out to Dr. Drew, so ….yeah. Also I don't ever recall anyone ever saying jail time was for rehab, it's supposed to be for punishment, I'm pretty sure everyone understands that.

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