Common Helps Raise HIV Awareness, Says His Uncle is a Victim

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 By: Rizoh

      When it comes to learning about HIV status, most people usually fret their way through the whole process. The Knowing Is Beautiful campaign puts a glossy spin on HIV awareness, and wants people to embrace their destiny for good. Common, who has been a part of the campaign for several years, once said it was personal to him because of his own ties with an HIV victim.

     “It was really important for me to be involved with a campaign that is raising awareness of HIV/AIDS,” says the Chi-town MC. “I had an uncle succumb to HIV, so I’ve personally felt the impact of the disease. It’s important for everyone to be aware that this disease doesn’t just affect a single race or sexual orientation. The ‘Knowing is Beautiful’ campaign was especially important to me because I’m a true advocate of taking care of and loving ourselves, and that’s really what this campaign is about. So I was glad to be a part of the mission to help raise the consciousness about HIV/AIDS.”

      Common will be performing alongside Collie Budz, E-40, David Banner at the July 12th Microsoft Zune "Live At The BBQ" Concert in L.A.

      As a socially aware lyricist, Common has always his music to kick some sense into sensitive issues. His new set, Finding Forever, is due out on July 31st.