Common, KRS, Worst Lyricists?

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno
      Even though the BET Hip-Hop Awards gave Common the Lyricist of the Year Award and honored KRS-One with the “I Am Hip-Hop Award”, the two rappers, along with Diddy, Timbaland, and Kevin Federline made Blender Magazine’s “The 40 Worst Lyricists” list.
      Listed at number #36, the mag said Common is “a self-righteous hippie. The principled rhymer’s earnest neo-soul thoughts touch on abortion (“Turning this woman’s womb into a tomb”), social injustice and his own vegetarianism.”
KRS-One is listed at #25 with the magazine saying “the hip-hop pioneer’s raps devolved quickly from shrewd antigovernment observations to crackpot tirades and bizarre diatribes against the FDA and the IRS.”
      Diddy is listed at #33, Kevin Federline at #30 and Timbaland at #29. Yes they listed all of them as better lyricists than KRS-One. The #1 worst lyricist is rock singer Sting. View the list for yourself at Blender.


  1. I agree with that,most of these muthafuckas that do the judging are those sometime listeners.The kind that think the “Black” Album is the first ablum by Jay-Z!!!

  2. now why the fuck would they hire country music listeners to judge hip hop. krs1 is a legend to begin with. and common, psh..raw as fuck, u get wat u deserve…just ask weezy

  3. fuck blender who the fuck are they new jack magazine criticizing real artists that hussled their way thru an industry that went ignored until a jewish music mogul seen the money in it lets be honest who is blender dummies tryin to make noise

  4. Umm don’t care for neither of them, but common is a cutie though. And who the fuck still reads blender? Much less care what they think? Ol devils are up to their tricks again!!!

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