Cop Pulls Gun on Jim Jones At Summer Jam

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  1. if that was a brother and he wasnt a cop he would have been beat up shot stabbed 1 out of the 3. y didnt that cop get his feathers plucked. keep it 100 all around the board

  2. see thats bs they shoulda stomp his bitch for not showing his badge and pulling that burner out for no reason and we aint allowed to carry concealed fire arms and he can pull his out when he gets pushed out the way fuck that rotten pig.

  3. ^^^co-sign ZOEZOEBOYS…that’s some bitchassness! How the hell you taking pictures on minute, the next you pulling a strap? Crooked ass cop. wasn’t even no reason to pull yo pistol out homeboy…i’m waiting to see what happens to the “officer”.

  4. it’s funny, when the gun was next to jim jones’s head he got out of the way quickly, then as soon as he realised that the guy’s a cop he grew a pair and started putting on a show.

  5. Dem dirty ass undercovers do the same fuked-up shit on the streets playin all the gangs against each other, and keepin shit stirred up…watch your step my peeps!

  6. fuck the police /we run the streets not the motherfuckin beast/good cop bad cop they all should die…they value a animals life more than a black mans .so what are we to do?uuummmmm

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