Cory Gunz’s “Son Of A Gun” Reality TV Show Executive Produced By Nick Cannon Finally Set To Air

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Cory Gunz has been getting hyped for years now, but it’s looking like his “6 Foot 7 Foot” collab with Weezy is what finally put him over the top.  They dropped the trailer for this reality tv show in ’09, but it will air on Thursday, April 28 at 11pm on MTV.  Hopefully they re-shot it as well so the material isn’t all a year old.  According to RR.

  • “Cory’s story is inspiring, one that boldly paints the many trials and tribulations he’s had to endure in pursuit of his dreams.” said Nick Cannon, executive producer  of “Son of a Gun.” “I’m grateful for the access that Cory and Peter allowed us to have in order to create a series that we feel will really resonate with MTV viewers.”