DaBaby Comes Through With Exciting New Single, “Find My Way”

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New flow, who this?

DaBaby is undoubtedly one of today’s most exciting artists. Ostensibly “winning” 2019 with the now Gold-certified Baby on Baby album, followed by 2020’s chart-topping KIRK, the North Carolina MC has cemented himself as a star. But the one criticism that has followed him is his singular flow, and seemingly inability to deviate. Well, after providing a teaser last week, DaBaby is back with his new single, “Find My Way” — and a brand new flow.

Removing the sprinter shoes that have perpetuated his aggressive vocal style, DaBaby uses “Find My Way” to try his hand at a more melodic style. Spoiler: it works.

Spitting effortlessly over the guitar-accented, layered production, Baby vocally glides like a pair of scissor cutting wrapping paper. He switches between pure singing and tight flows to prove that he is much more than a one-dimensional rapper; if anything, we’re just witnessing the start of one of today’s most promising artists.

Only DaBaby knows the artistic path he plans on walking, but it’s comforting — and exciting — to know that he presumably has more tricks up his sleeve.

Listen to “Find My Way” below: