Da$h Returns With Two New Tracks

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It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from the Jersey spitter.

It’s been a minute since New Jersey rapper, Da$h, has released a song. Dating back to late May’s “Komplications” featuring $Ha Hef and Man Z, Da$h has sidestepped the spotlight for reasons unknown—potentially to further hone his craft. Sensing fans craving his return, Da$h dropped off not one, but two singles today, packaged as a double-sided release, DOUBLE A-SIDE: VOL. 4.

The songs individually are titled, “Copacetic” and “Decisions”, the latter featuring one of the guys on his last single, Man Z. “Decisions” is a heavily influenced trap track, detailing various street stories from his past; Man-Z adequately complements Da$h’s verse. The other track, “Copacetic”, adheres to a vastly different sonic approach in the vain of experimental vibes, but still nevertheless proves that Da$h was surely missed in his absence.

Stream the two tracks below: