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There have been more rumors about this album from Lil Wayne than any other project, well except Detox of course, it was said to have been shelved after numerous push backs, people expected Weezy to be a guitar playing maniac on the album with appearances from everyone who is anyone in the rock world, but I can’t help feeling that Baby’s recent interview with Vibe is more or less a measure of damage control for the impending release having seen the unwarranted negativity surrounding Kanye’s attempt at being experimental with 808s and Heartbreak.
Baby wants fans and critics alike to know that this is not really a rock album..“when you speaking about a rock record, you think he’s got a guitar and everything, but it’s not that. It’s going to be some of those types of beats, but it’s just great music”…well I think that is what he is saying but to be honest I think we got from Prom Queen that this project from Wayne IS NOT a rock album. But at the end of the day a boss has got to stand by his artists and take the bad as well as the good and I guess with all the hype that has ensued it would be hard to shelve the project now. The Rebirth is slated for shelf life from June 16th.


  1. Bitch ass nigga wants release this garabage on Pac’s Birthday and has the nerve to call it the rebirth. It should be called The Death Of Hip Hop Part 2!

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