Dame Another One, Kay Slay News

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

Kay Slay news

      Turns out youtube had to pull a video down of Kay Slay as he showed one of his fave gals balancing a glass of liquor on her ass. Wonder why you would tape that shit and not expect it to end up on youtube? Anyhow turns out Kay is a lil mad about it and had the video pulled…not quite sure why actually as you only have to catch him at Sin City pretty much any night of the week I heard doing the same shit.

Dame Dash Another One

      Yeah Dame Dash is expecting another child with his fashion designer wife Rachel Roy. This will be the second for the couple. I really wanna see Dame do well. I heard he had some major news to announce last week..just hoping this ain’t it. I want to see Dame the CEO back busting balls and cashing checks