Dame Dash: “Big Brother” is a Diss to Jay-Z

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By: Rizoh

      If you’re among those skeptics who believe that Kanye’s “Big Brother” is a diss to Jay-Z, you have something in common with Roc-a-Fella Records co-founder Dame Dash. Dash recently told BET.com that he sees the song, which many believe to be a tribute, as a subliminal diss.

      “It sounds like a sneak dis record to me. You gotta understand certain things about Kanye; he doesn’t go at things like the average person does,” Dash explained to BET.com. “I feel like if he has something to say, he has to pose it in that way or he can’t communicate it at all. And that was the only way he could express why he doesn’t understand why he’s treated that way. It’s not like he could be gangsta about it and say,’Yo, this n***a’s playing me.”

      Dash continued that there is a public misconception about the song’s true message. “I didn’t think it was a very complimentary record. N***as saying n***a on their d**ks and that was some real disrespectful stuff. I might have choked Kanye out for that.”

      “Big Brother,” which appears on the platinum-selling Graduation CD, finds Kanye griping about being relegated to the backburner in his early years at Roc-a-Fella: “Only thing I wanna know is why I get looked over…Big Brother saw me at the bottom of the totem/Now I’m on the top and every body on the scrotum.”


  1. I don’t think its worth digging deep into.I really don’t think he’s dissing Jay,but I do see how it could possibly be misconstrude as a diss.

  2. Dame is an “asshole”. It definitely wasn’t a diss. Like someone said, He just hatin’ on Jay. He just mad he producing the wrong “american gangsta.”

  3. Jay-Z, best rapper alive? Uh, Nas murdered his ass along with Eminem and others. Sure, Jay Z is good, but he’s not one of hte top three of all-time and definatly isn’t the best living one.

    This article is sad though, who gives a damn? This isn’t some ancient scripture that people are trying to decode, it’s a God damned song. If it were a diss, it’d be labled a diss..kinda like what he did in Jim Jones’ mixtape. You think this guy would be sublte about dissing Jay-Z? No.

  4. 4 da first time i heard it, i feel like it’s was diss to Jay cause of artist that YE be working with, jay copy from him then Ye said ” he used to b Dame and bigg’s brother” it’s deep

  5. Em murdered JAY?? em’s $h!t was hot but he dint “murder” jay….dont let NAS get to ya head homie…Jay was spittin on that song…hell i relate to what JAY was saying over what Em was saying…and last i checked the Jay and Nas battle was “Nas’s Freestyle” vs “TakeOver” JAY WON–“either” vs ” superugly” NAS WON “blueprint2” vs ???? NAS QUITE!! and he was scared to battle JAY ON Paper-View!! JAY-Z BEST RAPPER ALIVE!! 100

  6. i mean the song makes it seem like kanye feels below jay — which is NOT like ‘Ye to express . when i first heard it i was like “wow ‘ye got internal issues wit jay” . he probably felt a little mistreated but it seems to be relaying a love/hate relationship like that of siblings . hence the song name BIG BROTHER … but i dont think it was a direct diss … i dont think it was a diss period .

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