Dame Dash To Start Slanging Vintage Clothes?

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It’s no secret that I think Dame Dash is shady, and that this “new” Dame Dash is just a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Well since Dame’s only real viable commodity bounced on him, Dame needed to come up with a way to actually make money instead of waiting for brands to give him a check for “marketing”.  Especially considering that the brands who were giving him checks are starting to realize the whole DD172 experiment is all hype and isn’t really delivering results.  And since I doubt Dame’s movie ventures are going to be particularly profitable, why not sell vintage duds?  According to HHDX:

  • DD172 announced that Local 172 Trading Post will open on March 26 at noon. To bring in the expansion, Ski Beatz, who works out of DD172 will be spinning. The new store is said to tailor to vintage finds within brands such as Ralph Lauren, Pendleton, LL Bean and Woolrich.

Good luck with that Dame.  I wonder what he is going to do when the guy who owns the DD172 building sells it?

Sidebar:  If you are actually interested in copping vintage clothes in NYC I highly reccoment that you hit the homies spot, COA, in the LES.  I’m actually rocking a rather boss vintage Dior shirt that I copped from there right now.



  1. COA fell off ever since Procell stopped stocking them with the fire. Hope you're having fun in meatpacking with your “Dior” shirt on.

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