Damon Dash Asks Hot 97’s Ebro “Why You Scared?”

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Following an epic episode of The Combat Jack Show where he responded to Funk Flex’s accusations of being irrelevant and a lousy businessman, Damon Dash has wasted no time in continuing his onslaught against Hot 97’s most prominent DJ and his boss, Ebro Darden.  In an interview with Hip Hop Motivation, Dame took aim at Hot 97’s programming director by detailing a recent encounter with him.

According to Dash, Ebro invited him to be a part of a recent broadcast but after Dash requested that Funk Flex join the interview, Ebro soon backed out and then began Tweeting comments that ‘discredited‘ Dash and made him appear ‘dishonorable.’  In regards to his recent press tour of controversial comments aimed at notable members of the hip-hop community, Dame exclaimed, “absolutely this is a publicity stunt!”  He added, “I definitely want to bring attention to everything that I’m doing and I want to use all the people that are violating or exploiting our culture to do so.”  After ranting about industry executive Joie Manda, Dash redirected his attention towards Hot 97, stating, “Ebro, I’m calling you out….you asked me to come on your show and I’m asking why you won’t come on mine…I think you’re scared of me and I’m talking about on an intellectual level.”  Check out the full interview below