Dave Chappelle Breaks His Own Standup Record

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno


      Last April, Dave Chappelle broke Dane Cook’s record of telling jokes at Hollywood’s comedy club The Laugh Factory by telling jokes for six hours and seven minutes. Dane Cook broke Richard Pryor’s record earlier that month by performing a 3-hour 50 minute stand-up routine. Pryor’s record was at 2-hours and 41 minutes.

After rumors that Dane Cook was going to try and retake his title, Dave Chappelle went back to the Laugh Factory on Sunday night and told jokes for a new record of 6-hours and 12 minutes.

      "Dave was determined to keep his record because he recently heard that Dane Cook was planning on trying to break (his) record," club owner Jamie Masada told the Associated Press.

      For most of the year, however, Chappelle has been traveling the world.


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