Dave Chappelle Returns With a New Pilot

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By: Rizoh

     Dave Chappelle will reunite with his Chappelle Show accomplice Paul Mooney on a BET pilot dubbed “Judge Mooney.” Chappelle dons the producer’s hat for the new show, which shows Mooney reenacting real court cases.

      “Whatever I say goes,” said Mooney. “I’ve also got a little dog that sits on my judge’s desk, and I ask the little dog’s opinion. If the dog barks, I say, ‘Well, the dog says you have to go.’ It’s real crazy.”

      Mooney, who played psychic Negrodamus on The Chappelle Show, has now placed a permanent moratorium on the controversial N-word he once used as a stand-up comedian.

      “Using the word, we were trying to defuse it, trying to desensitize people to it … take the power out of it,” Mooney said. “But the word is an equal-opportunity word now, with Latin kids and white kids saying it and what it conjures up is all these demons. I watched

the Michael Richards meltdown over and over, and I had an ‘N’-exorcism. And I don’t care how you spell it, with an ‘a’ or an ‘er,’ if you sauté or barbecue a goat, it’s still a goat. But I was married to the word then — now I’m divorced from the word.”

      Well, it’s the least he could do after decades of making some big bucks off the N-word.