Dave East Entertaining NBA Tryout

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But there’s a catch…

Dave East is a man of many talents. Revered for his fusion of old school hip-hop lyricism with the new wave scene, East acts as a musical conduit, connecting all generations together. But Dave’s talents aren’t limited to behind the booth — he’s also an actor, playing Method Man in an upcoming Wu-Tang bio-series, and an adept basketball player.

Before his dreams of becoming a professional rapper took form, East’s eyes were set on playing in the NBA. A respected college basketball player at Towson University, East sidelined his court dreams in favor of his musical ones. But it seems like that itch to play professionally still exists.

Yesterday (Tuesday, June 25th), East sat down with TMZ to catch-up on his busy life and exciting ventures. While playing Method Man is an incredible accomplishment, East told the celebrity news outlet that he’s interested in attending NBA tryouts — but there’s a catch: the Paranoia rapper only wants to play for his hometown Knicks.

A franchise in perpetual disarray, maybe the Knicks could use the talents of a Dave East on their squad. Whether or not his comments were made in jest, he is certain about one thing: He wants KD, his former AAU teammate, to breathe life into one of sport’s most mismanaged franchises. 

“I hope he comes to New York,” East remarked. “He’s built for that. He played in Dyckman [AAU league] and all that.”

Check out his conversation with TMZ below: