Dave East Goes In Over ODB’s “Brooklyn Zoo” On LA Leakers

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Go cop Survival, out now.

This past Friday, Dave East delivered his highly-anticipated debut album, Survival.  Fully immersed in the press junket, the Harlem rapper recently stopped by the LA Leakers to pay homage to the late ODB by freestyling over one of his classics, “Brooklyn Zoo.”

Going in for roughly three-minutes, East’s freestyle serves as a microcosm for his album: weaving clever lyrics to tell a story. He effortlessly skates across the vintage New York production with a buttery flow that shapeshifts without ever coloring outside the lines. It’ll make you appreciate the MC behind the bars, and make you want to go cop his new album.

A deft lesson in storytelling matched with dynamic flows and contextualizing skits, Survival is a triumphant culmination of his mixtape mountain, and elucidates his distinct ability to paint a lyrical mosaic.

Check out Dave East’s LA Leakers freestyle below: