Dave East Releases His Hard-Hitting Track, “Bipolar”

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Dave East stays spitting that fire.

Dave East is amongst a select few to inject a nostalgic lyricism into his raps while still evading the cursed “boom bap” tag to remain relevant sounding. His first Def Jam project, Paranoia, that dropped recently showcased the Harlem spitter’s palpable tenacity and pain through his cutting, chilling, descriptive lyrics. Today, he continues that fiery style with his V Don-produced track, “Bipolar”.

The song’s narrative finds East coming to grips with his relatively newfound success as he tries to quiet the demons that have, and continue to, haunted him and his impoverished rise. Noting the tangible signs of riches—smoking in the back seat of a chauffeured car, patented leather sneakers, Knicks floor seats—East can’t help but recall the evil realities that consistently confronted him throughout adolescence: his boys sniffing bad coke, his boys dropping like Vietnam vets, his Uncle trapping. And even though he’s escaped that life, monetarily speaking, those memories are burned into his brain, and his lyrics bear the mental scars.

Stream the hard-hitting “Bipolar” now below: