Dave East Remixes Lil Baby’s “Yes Indeed”

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Another conquered banger left in East’s freestyle wake.

Dave East is heralded as dynamic talent whose sound trends both towards hip-hop purists and new wave enthusiasts–a bridge, if you will. A true representative of his New York origins, East offers skillfully-crafted rhymes, facilitated by his denticulate voice and malleable flows; no beat is unfamiliar territory for the Paranoia rapper.

Working with the likes of DJ Karma and CashMoneyAP, Dave East’s hip-hop cachet and eclectic skill set attract an assortment of producers who are keen on witnessing how he’ll attack their production. But for as voluminous of a purveyor as he is, East is also a consumer, a student of the game. His tastes reflect his abilities: His music library most likely resembles a hip-hop nerd’s tug-of-war battle between classic cuts and modern bangers. Among the younger crop whose cream is still being churned, Dave East seems to have taken a shine to the explosive Atlanta rapper, Lil Baby.

While only ostensibly commercially relevant for the past two-years or so, Lil Baby has watched his star skyrocket: He’s currently Spotify’s 204th most-listened to artist, with over 10.5MM monthly listeners. A stalwart, Lil Baby’s “sudden” dominance isn’t the product of luck; he’s the antithesis of an overnight success. Grinding for years towards his musical goals, Lil Baby’s hustle was validated when Drake caught wind of the rising MC and decided to hop on Baby’s omnipresent track, “Yes Indeed”.

Drake and Dave East undoubtedly harbor a mutual appreciation for Lil Baby, and now East has joined Drake with attempting his hand at the Wheezy-produced track.

Listen to Dave East’s “Yes Indeed” rendition below: