Rappers, Are Pretty Chicks Talking About Your Music On Facebook?

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This is kind of a sub point in my theory that hip-hop blogs have very little to do in breaking artists in hip-hop.  I always seem to be surrounded by these debates on how to properly market new rappers/gain awarness.  Whatever you want to call it.  People are always referency getting on these fake fancy music websites.  Talk about image, branding and what not.  Too be perfectly honest, it’s really not that deep.  It is about going the fake fancy route…as in fake fancy broads.

Get chicks who wear logo based designer goods (or aspire to) to post a rap video on facebook, and watch the winning start.  That is the core demographic of people who are just spending their time competing socially on social network sites.  Just making sweeping generalizations of people based on their facebook photos and checking out videos people post on their walls.  People don’t really care what some cool guy tastemaker has to say about music.  But if some pretty chick that is banging the dude other chicks want to f*ck posts a rap video, watch that rappers notability and yotube hits sky rocket.  Plus they might even BUY the song on iTunes.  That’s the game now.  Can’t say I didn’t tell you…



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