Details on JR Writer’s Shooting

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Last Saturday Harlem rapper JR Writer was attacked and shot by two men outside a studio he had been recording at in the Bronx. JR has now spoken out about the incident and explains what happened that night. He says:

“I was in front of the studio I been recording out of for the past three months in the Bronx, when two bum ass niggaz stepped to me and a couple of my dudes with guns, for what? I still have no idea.”

Writer also explains that the men were not trying to steal anything from him and says :

“They wasn’t trying to rob nuthin’, they looked more like they was going to kill something. None of us was strapped, we actually thought we was in a low spot in the BX. On top of that we been coming there for the past three months with no problems working on my album and new mixtape.”

“When we saw the look on his face and heard him say ‘now what, what now’ it sounded more like a beef then anything else so we got up out of there,” he said. “That’s when he let off two shots our way, which, one of the shots hit me and I dropped. He then starting shooting at my peoples and running towards them. When I saw that I was gonna play dead but I said ‘Hell no’ and picked myself up and got across the street where my nigga Plat was running back towards my way. The shooter looks back and sees me limpin’ across the street with my nigga Plat and starts runnin’ towards us like he was going to finish me off till he heard police sirens and ran off.”

JR is currently home recovering from the incident and says that things could have been a lot worse.

“I am doing OK now, just trying to recover. The doctor says I was lucky the shot didn’t hit any major artery or bones it went through the back of my thigh and exited through the front. It was a .45 so that would of really fucked me up. I’m just glad to be alive, thank the lord. Family, friends and fans have been reaching out and sending there condolences and I really appreciate that a lot. As far as any Dipset members reaching out, Hell Rell and Duke Da God reached out to make sure I was doing alright but that’s about it.”

JR is working on his new mixtape & new album and we hope he makes a speedy recovery.