Devin the Dude Returns with Waitin’ to Inhale

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By: Rizoh
      Devin the Dude a.k.a the Richard Pryor of Hip-Hop is back with his fourth solo album, Waitin’ to Inhale. Devin’s lung-splitting humor has blessed songs by Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, and many others.
       Waitin’ to Inhale is low on guest features, with the likes of Bun B, Lil’ Wayne, Tony Mac, and the Odd Squad. The album is due in stores on March 13th, 2007.
Here’s the tracklist for Devin the Dude’s Waitin’ To Inhale
1) Intro
2) Waiting to Inhale
3) I Hope I Don’t Get Sick of This
4) Use Ta Be
5) Almighty $ ft. Tony Mac
6) That Boom pt. 1
7) Broccoli & Cheese
8) Treatin’ Me Cold
9) Cut Ya Up
10) That Boom pt 2
11) Sell Me Some ft Odd Squad
12) What a Job
13) No Longer Needed Here ft GT
14) Anything (Acoustic)
15) Somebody Else
16) That Boom pt 3
17) Alone
18) Just Because
19) Little Girl Gone ft. Lil Wayne, Bun B, Tami Latrell, and Tony Mac