Did Wayans Cancel Texas Show Because of Groupies?

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By: Rizoh

       Actor and comedian Damon Wayans has offered an explanation for storming out of a sold-out comedy show in El Paso, TX. Wayans blamed the incident on racism.

      “I apologize to my fans and friends for the el paso incident,” said Wayans on his myspace blog. “I had great shows, standing ovations, and I felt the love for the people. However the owner of the club was being a racist … and HOMIE DON’T PLAY THAT!”

     In a myspace rebuttal titled “Damon Wayans and the Death of Professionalism”, the club owner Bart Reed alleged that Wayans crashed the club in tow with three groupies who demanded VIP treatment.

      “Normally I would have no problem with this, but the show was SOLD OUT!,” explained Reed. “Wayans was demanding that we displace paying customers and provide his groupies a prime table. As a club owner my obligation is to my paying customers, I told him I would seat those that paid $37.50 to see him then I would arrange some seats for his guests. There was no screaming, no yelling this was just common sense and I had believed the matter resolved. Five minutes later he proclaimed "I’m out". We practically begged him to reconsider… at which point he made threats about what he would do to my reputation and walked out on a full house.”

      Sounds like the usual celebrity ego problem to me.