Diddy Does London

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Even without putting on a show, as his partner in crime was banned from the UK Diddy still went ahead with the after party anyway. And oh boy Sean knows how to party. So as Snoop was reported to be kicking in in Amsterdam…hmm wonder what you were doing there Snoop, Diddy was playing perfect host at the Paper Club in London buying drinks for all the girls, Sienna Miller and Fergie included.  (Sidenote on Fergie…she was celebrating her 32nd birthday….purrlease who is she trying to kid. Jonesy needs to stop hunting for documents about Beyonce’s real age and work on Fergie) No Kimmy though…maybe she was recovering from the 30 hours of Tantric sex Diddy boasted about earlier in the week while in Paris.