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Sean Combs was named in a lawsuit where the plaintiff was seeking a staggering $3 million for distress and mental strain after she put a lil too much flesh on show. Maria Dominguez was a guest at one of Puff’s notorious ‘white’ parties when she got snapped by a cameraman and ended up in Vibe magazine. Now to many that would be a good thing, but Maria who happens to be a hedge fund manager was dressed as a mermaid and well had very little on and only the teeniest of starfish to hide her nipples.

So obviously this upset Maria, who felt that her privacy had been invaded by having her semi naked body featured in Vibe so she took it to the courts. Hoping obviously that the Judge would rule in her favor…being a hedge fund manager of course…Maria the Mermaid pretty much got a slap in the face by a fellow mermaids tail when the Judge threw the case out of court saying privacy went out of the window basically once she took off her top because, “Sean Combs and his renowned annual White Party are subjects of tremendous public interest, attracting the steady attention of the public and many news organizations.”

I am sure Puffy is smiling about this one.